Jan collects the wood used in his carvings from the forest around his home. Ball headed clubs are made from hard maple root balls. His effigy bowls and spoons are made from maple, elm, or yellow birch burls, knots, or gnarls where the grain forms varied and intricate patterns. His carved figures also come from the woods here in Big Bay and often reflect that magic of the forest from which they come.

Carved bowl with spoons
Carved effigy new to 2015 collection
Carved head new in 2015
Overhead view of carved wooden clubs
Carved cedar flute, burl effigy bowl, and burl effigy ladle
Handmade maple paddle canoe with carved handle, 6 inch wide by 34 inch wampum belt, and trade hatchet
Group of burl bowls, bottom right bowl with two thunder beings measures approximately 2 feet in diameter
Carved wood "Tree Dweller"
Close up of carved wood "Tree Dweller"
Carved wood effigy