Now Available

Silver Hair Plate : Original found near Saginaw, MI, $250

Trade Rings : Various prices

Traditional Earrings : Various prices

Traditional Earrings: Various prices

Trade Silver: Ever changing inventory. Please inquire.

Jesuit Rings : Various prices

Wall Pocket: This item is made from wool and silk ribbon and measures 9 inches long. It is reproduced from an original in the Beloit museum. $155

Rosary: With sterling silver cross and antique copper beads. Cross measures approximately 5". $165.00

Garters: Quilled garters on black brain tanned leather. $225.00

German Silver Brooches : Various prices

Sterling and Brass Trade Crosses: Various prices

Carved Wooden Bowls: $85 to $200

Silver Hair Plates: Individuals $35 to $85

Photo Not Available
Hand Dyed Silk Scarves: A variety of colors. $15.00 plus shipping.